I arrived at the Club about 4:00 pm and unloaded all the envelopes, letters, return envelopes, etc. and waited… and waited….(getting nervous now, it’s 4:30….4:45?) and then people started to arrive. By 5:15 there was over 24 volunteers working 3 assembly (stuffing) lines, and at 6:15 everything was complete and the letters were on their way to the Post Office.
I am really grateful for ALL the help, the great response, the goodwill that was shown. What an evening! What great people and what a great result. We finished so quickly that when 6 additional people arrived a bit after 6PM we were essentially all finished. But, that was OK as we had a chance to say hello and a few of the “helpers” stayed and enjoyed some conversation and an adult beverage or 2.
Bob Wood

19 thoughts on “ABOUT

  1. I recently (last 7 or 10 days) applied via the USPS PO Box Address for my 2nd year of membership. Did you receive my application and check and when will I receive my membership card?

    Also, I have no idea when I applied, and received, my membership card last “summer or early fall”. I believe I left my current, or perhaps now outdated, membership card at our home in Dallas. At any rate, I do not have it. Am I a current member in good standing? If so, could I get a replacement until my new memberships kicks in?

    Mark R. Hogan
    Local address: 14878 Snowshoe Road; Henderson, NY 13650


    • Mark, you are indeed a member in good standing. Your current membership number is number 641 and exires 30 September 2015. Print this email as proof of membership until you receive the 2015-16 membership card. VR Jim Horan, SHSC Board member and WebMaster 315 408-8863


  2. Will the club be hosting any hunter safety classes soon? If not…would you know if there any any opportunities in the area to get the class in? Thank you.



    • Sorry Mike but we do not have anything scheduled. Recommend you check the NY DEC web site; I believe they list all scheduled classes in multiple regions (e.g. Region 6 and 7). If you have access to Fort Drum, you can check with the Morale Welfare and Recreation folks as they usually run them in the spring and fall.


  3. I am a new member who wants to practice with my shotgun. I went and looked over the facilities and it was not clear to me where the designated area for shotgun is. Also is anyone available to show me how to initially set up?


    • The executive committee, board of directors on behalf of the membership welcomes you to the club. We have organized shotgun practice on Wednesday evening starting around 530PM. We also have open trap shooting and skeet shooting on Sundays from noon until 330 or 400PM. Every Monday afternoon we shoot five stand targets starting around 430PM/ And finally we shoot sporting clay’s on two different field courses the first Sunday of each month. I run the Sunday open trap shooting and invite you to join us at your convenience. We setup one field specifically for one-on-one instruction or fine tuning of the shooting process. Look forward to your participation.


  4. Thank you so much for the kind words. I just picked up a Mossberg 500 today and signed up to join your club so I can learn about the shotgun as well as general safety. My original intent was home protection, but I enjoy most outdoor pursuits and plan on plugging into the various activities you have outlined. I have not used the gun yet and will require instruction. If I come out on Sunday what do I need to participate in the trap shooting?

    Liked by 1 person

    • Ammunition for the shotgun, hearing protection and eye protection (shooting glasses) and I recommend a shot pouch or shooting vest to hold the shells and empty hulls. I will be there by 11AM and look forward to your participation


  5. Jeffrey, if you go to the membership page there is a list of folks who provide memberships for sale; Gander Mountain at the Salmon Run Mall would be the central one. You can also click on the Membership Form link if you choose to download and mail in your check. Questions or for general information, call 315-646-2189. Hope this is helpful.


  6. Hi,
    My name is Todd Jewett and I am the chairman for the Tug Hill Friends of NRA. We have a dinner planned on April 2nd 2016 in Watertown to try to raise money to promote shooting sports . These dinners are a lot of fun playing raffle games and live and silent auctions. I would like to extend an invitation to you . I have attached our flyer as well as a link to what we do . Ask your friends to attend with you. Please post the flyer to anyone you would think would like to attend. If you would like to attend just print the attachment ,check off what you would like to buy and mail to the address on the form. If you have any questions call me at 315-523-0591. Take Time to look at the website and try to apply for the grants!!! I

    TUG HILL – Friends of the NRA
    Proudly presents their annual banquet to be held at the BRUCE M. WRIGHT
    Memorial Conference Center
    1291 Faichney Drive, Watertown, NY 13601 on April 2nd from 3-9 pm

    • Grand Buffet Dinner by RJ’ CateringPrime Rib-Virginia Baked Ham-Chicken Marsala
    • Drawings will be held throughout the banquet with a variety of fun games!
    • Both LIVE and SILENT Auctions for firearms, artwork, jewelry, sportsman’s merchandise
    • Women’s Themed Drawings
    • NRA Exclusive Items
    • Cash Bar by Obrien’s of Clayton

    2016 TICKET Packages

    Basic PACKAGE: $45.00
    *1 Dinner Ticket
    *Door Prize Ticket
    Couples Package: $80.00
    *2 Dinner Tickets
    *2 Door Prize Tickets
    BIG Shooter Package: $130.00
    *Dinner Ticket
    *Door Prize Ticket
    *$200.00 worth of Bucket Tickets
    *10 Tickets for Gun Table
    MAGNUM Shooters: Table of 8- $1000.00
    *8 of the BIG SHOOTER Packages!
    *Reserved Table Seating
    *Special Prize for each Person
    NATIONAL Liberty Sponsor: $250.00
    *Framed NRA Seal Display
    *Subscription to Traditions Magazine
    *Sponsor Only Hat
    *Tax Deductible Donation
    (Dinner Ticket options are above)

    2016 TUG HILL Friends of NRA
    Presents Pre-Event Drawing tickets for choice of

    Browning BLR White Gold Medallion .308
    Friends of the NRA High Caliber Club Custom Colt XSE Commander 1911 .45 ACP
    $500 QUICK CASH!

    Winner announced at the FNRA Banquet on April 2nd
    1 for $5, 3 for $10, 8 for $20, 20 for $40
    Need not be present to win this drawing.

    For Tickets, Sponsor Packages or More Information, you can order below or online at http://www.friendsofnra.org

    Quantity: Please Note: Your Ticket Packages Will Be Waiting for
    ____Basic Package: $45.00 = _________ you at the Banquet Check-In Area
    ____Couples Package $80.00 = _________
    ____Big Shooters Package $130.00 = _________
    ____Magnum Shooters Table of 8 $1000.00 = ___________
    ____National Liberty Sponsor $250.00 = ___________
    (Dinner Ticket options are above)
    ____ Pre-Event Drawing Tickets = _________
    1 for $5, 3 for $10, 8 for $20, 20 for $40
    TOTAL = _________

    City __________________ State _______ Zip_________
    Phone __________________ Email __________________

    Phone: 315-523-0591 email: todd@pemcousa.com
    ***Please Return No later Than March 22, 2016***


    • Todd, glad to help out. As you saw in a previous post we are hosting the Sackets Harbor Central School Trap Club, one of 5 schools that are participating in the NY High School Clay Target Trap League. This is history making to say the least and we are looking for supporters and donations to expand across the state. I will be at the Rotary Show in two weeks sharing a booth with MIT_SHE charters and would like to discuss with you then.


  7. I am new at this and recommemded your club to seek help and be able to practice with my pistol…. Im looking for a women friendly
    Place to be able to feel comfortable . I am a senior grandma love shooting and just recently got my pistol permit but need some assistance…. Would like very much to check the club out and see whats its all about and if i fit in ….. Thanks Nancy


    • Nancy,

      I would be glad to help you with handgun practice. I am a member of the Sackets Harbor Sportsman’s and conduct range training as well as classroom training for handguns. If you don’t mind another Senior Citizen helping you I am available most days and afternoons. We have plenty of ranges so we can practice without interruption. I provide this to all members without charge and usually have one or two sessions a week with new gun owners (new permit holders). Please let me know what days and times are good for you. If you want you can call me direct at 782-3536. I prefer Thursdays if possible as the club is very quiet on that day.

      Hope I may be of service.

      Bob Wood

      NRA Certified Firearms Instructor


  8. Since my children are now adults, would a regular Family Membership allow me to bring my grandchildren, or would they need Junior memberships?


    • Hi Steve, the definition for our memberships is Spouse and all children residing in your household under 18. You can bring one guest to the club so if it’s only one grand child, your ok. If there are multiple grand kids, a Junior membership would make a nice “Stocking Stufer” or “good grade” reward, and most kids are thrilled to be taking this first step towards being grown up. Let me know if this helps and answers your question.


  9. I am looking to fit my boyfriend and I in. We both would love to go to a shooting range and this looks like the one.

    How much for a day each?
    Do we need a licence? We are from Kingston Ontario.


    • Hi Courtney, thank you for considering our club as your preference. We are a membership club and do not offer day passes for use of the range facilities. We do not provide weapons rental or ammunition, each individual must provide their own. For Canadian citizens entering the United States, this may require licenses of some sort. Be advised that New York state penal code requires a NY License to Carry Pistols for anyone to be in possession of a handgun. Memberships for each of you are $25 US and can be purchased at the firearms counter at Gander Mountain in the Salmon Run Mall.


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