Contact: Carl Carr

Wednesday Nights @ 5 pm starting 1st Wednesday of  May,  until 1st Wednesday of October.

Eight traps give 40 possible presentations of targets

$7 per 25 targets

4 thoughts on “5 STAND

  1. My buddy and are members and wanted to shoot our pistols this weekend. We were wondering if the all the Sunday activities like skeet, cowboy shoots and clay pigeons were done for the season? Also does the range close during winter months?


    • Hi Jaimie, thank you for the questions. Regarding Sunday activities, with the exception of Cowboys, all other activities continue with 5 stand taking the place of sporting clays. This coming Sunday stand and trap are being shot. You should be OK to use the lower range as long as you don’t park beyond the tower. Lower range is the second driveway north of the entrance to the main parking and clubhouse. The main parking and covered range will be kept open and plowed all winter. The on line calendar is a good check before you drive out to make sure we don’t have closures , and we post closings on face book and the home page.


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