The facilities of the club can be made available to members for holding training classes, meetings or other events.  A written request must be submitted to the board for consideration and member must attend the monthly meeting to answer questions that may arise regarding the request.  Every attempt will be made to process the request at the meeting, however complex or extensive requests may have to be tabled and handled the following month.   PLEASE NOTE ANY REQUEST THAT INCLUDES THE USE OF FIRING RANGE FACILITIES REQUIRES A 2 WEEK LEAD TIME AFTER APPROVAL for web site notification of closing to the membership.  Recommended lead time on all requests is 6-8 weeks.

Please review the following document before you develop your request.  It contains the costs and responsibilities associated with “for profit” range and/or training classes.  Your request must address the appropriate areas including costs

procedure for use of sackets facilities – Mod IAW 3-23-27 Meeting

One thought on “CLUB FACILITY USE FOR EVENTS – Modified 4-6-17

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