SH Claycrushers Trap Club 2016 Team0001

Sackets Harbor Central School Board of Education approved the formation of a Trap Club Team on February 7, 2016, making the school the 3rd district to approve a sport shooting club activity in NY State.  The club along with four other school districts in Jefferson and Lewis Counties become the initial NY High School Clay Target League (NYHSCTL) teams and will compete in the NY 2016 Spring Trap League.

The team is open to student athletes in grades 6-12 who possess a valid hunter safety course certificate and meet the schools academic and code of conduct requirements.  All league rules and regulations are found on the league website .

The Sackets Harbor Sportsman’s Club Inc. Officers, Directors and Members in attendance at the January 11,2016 monthly meeting were briefed on the pending formation of the sport shooting clubs at the high school level.  A motion was made to open the club facilities to any school needing a place to shoot and to propose to the school administration formation of a Sackets Harbor Central School team.  The motion was carried.

On March 14th the Sackets Harbor Administration and Board of Education approved the formation of a Lettering Program for the Trap Club similar to the athletic Lettering Programs in place at the school.  This program will recognize the accomplishments, time commitments and success of student athletes who meet the requirements.

A lot has been accomplished in a very short period of time.  We have recruited 18 student athletes for the initial first year team.  Three of the individuals are young ladies and only two athletes are seniors.

These 18 athletes are the equivalent of the initial crew on a US Navy Ship; the Navy designates them “plankowners” based on the colonial period crew members claiming ownership of a board or plank from the main deck.  They will define the success and the processes to be used for follow on teams and will forever own a place and “plankowner” status in the club.


All costs are owned by the athletes and club.  There is no school funding, transportation, booster clubs or on campus facilities.  The Lettering program awards will be at the spring awards banquet in Jun, the design and purchase of letters will be the Trap Club responsibility.

The individual athlete provides their own shotgun, shoots 50 targets per shoot, 9 shoots and a 10th Fun shoot.  All are invited to the state tournament  where they shoot 100 targets.  Not including uniform items, pouches, mandatory sight and hearing protection and weapon, each shooter will be required to pay between $235 and $300 to compete.  If you would like to help with these out of pocket costs, donations can be made to SH Claycrushers Trap Club. C/O Jim Horan, PO BOX 4, Belleville NY 13611