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What’s Happening #2
Our regular meeting was held at 7pm on October 14th. There we 12 members in attendance. The minutes from the previous monthly meeting and 2 Executive committee meetings were read and approved. The Treasurer’s report indicated a net income for the month. Memberships year to date exceed last years by over 100 members. Highlights from the Executive Committee meetings include: appointment of Jim Thomas to the remaining year of George DeClecrk’s term as Director; the introduction of the President’s Planned Action List; Jim Horan will get a sizeable dumpster delivered to the Club; a work session to be held on th 13th at noon; By-Law recommended changes (continuing); changes to the signatories on the Checking and Savings account. It should be noted as a result of a general “Clean-up” of all facilities we have been able to eliminate numerous broke, obsolete and “haven’t been used in years” items. This will continue for the foreseeable future.
I announced that the December meeting will convene at 6pm and that there will be a Christmas Social starting at 7pm at the Clubhouse. Refreshments and light snacks will be available. This is a chance for some of our members to get to know each other and for the Spouses of our members to visit. PLEASE CALL ME AT 782-3536 TO RSVP OR EMAIL AT sacketsharborsportsmans@twcny.rr.com we need to have a headcount of members and guests for planning purposes.



Welcome to the first installment of “What’s Happening”. This will be a summary of what occurred at the most recent Club meeting. It will also provide information about anticipated projects, and outline my philosophy as to the direction and purpose of the Club. It is planned for some of the Committee Chairmen to add to this chronicle as they see fit. And, besides providing you with information it will give you the opportunity to provide us with feedback. Positive or negative.

OK. Let’s begin. The Annual meeting and election of officers of the Sackets Harbor Sportsman’s Club was held October 10th. A new slate of Officers and one new Director were elected. President: Bob Wood, Vice-president: Harold Meagher, Secretary: Carl Carr, Treasurer: Joan Cumoletti and Randy Hanson to a 3-year term as a Director. We wish to thank Dan Burnham and Rick Mothersell (Past President and Vice President) for all their efforts. We had more members in attendance that evening than I have seen in the past and I hope that some of those members will continue to attend.

Besides the usual Standing Committee reports there was a NSSF Rimfire Challenge report. The event drew over 60 participants and provided the club with a modest profit. It is planned that next summer, before the event several Rimfire clinics will be held to increase interest and skills for participants in the 2017 Challenge. The Treasurer’s Report provided the information that we are in good financial shape. (If you wish to view a full report you must attend a meeting as I feel that this is proprietary information and will not publish it) We also achieved a membership level of 801 individuals, an all-time high.

Now a bit of how I view the Club. The purposes of the Club are listed in the constitution, but my focus will be in promoting shooting sports activities of all kinds. Not all our 800+ members are shotgun enthusiasts, some are interested in marksmanship, some in reloading, some in practical pistol skills, Rimfire rifles, archery, etc. Above all we need to bring young people into the world of shooting sports.

To this end we need to broaden out appeal, introduce additional activities and promote our club as a place for all to participate in some way. We need to broaden our appeal and be more inclusive. This does not mean that we neglect our “core activity” which is Clay Sports. I have heard rumors that I plan on changing the whole focus of our club, THAT IS NOT TRUE. Trap and the other Clay Sports are what built this club and what provides the funds to operate, and to expand our appeal by providing the financial foundation to introduce new ideas. I believe by offering various classes such as “Refuse To Be A Victim” seminars, First Shots (rifle and shotgun) clinics, Hunter Safety courses, the High School Trap League and Pistol Permit Classes to our members and the public increases our value and visibility in the local community and throughout Jefferson County. If you would like to get involved in our efforts, please see the page “Volunteer Help Wanted”. And come to the next meeting on November 14th.

Bob Wood – President, Sackets Harbor Sportsman’s Club

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